Culinary Program

In the foreground, a Corpsmember zests a lemon. Baskets and bags of ingedients are arranged on the shelf around him. In the background, four more Corpsmembers are spread throughout the kitchen, prepping the meal.

Culinary Corpsmembers at the Magalia Fire Center prepare fruit, vegetables, and other dishes for dinner.

The CCC is ready to enroll young adults motivated to learn or expand their professional cooking skills. The culinary arts are a growing industry, and the CCC Culinary Program provides Corpsmembers with a pathway to careers with commercial kitchens, catering companies, hotels, and restaurants. Culinary Corpsmembers get daily hands-on work experience, targeted trainings, and access to community college partnerships.

Corpsmembers learn the skills they need to set out in the culinary industry. The CCC’s program is designed for aspiring chefs to participate in multiple culinary and outdoor boot camps. Corpsmembers learn to build their confidence in the kitchen and integrate hands-on technical skills all while receiving the “soft skills”, like resume writing and interviewing, that lead to long-term success.

The culinary program content has been developed in partnership with the local hospitality industry to prepare Corpsmembers for successful entry into culinary jobs.

The Culinary Program is offered at all CCC Residential Centers:

Los Piños


• No previous kitchen or culinary experience required

• Corpsmembers learn food preparation, tool usage, knife skills, measurement and conversions, cooking methods, baking, food storage, menu planning, and more!


• Corpsmembers work four days a week, splitting their ten-hour shifts to prepare meals

• Culinary crews prepare breakfast and dinner for residential Corpsmembers seven days a week

• Must be willing to respond to emergency assignments, requiring lengthy stays at basecamps


• Corpsmembers can earn their ServSafe Food Handler and Food Manager Certifications

• Corpsmembers can be hired by private restaurants, hospitality and tourism industry, state agencies, and more!

• Culinary program Corpsmembers are eligible for the CCC Brad Duncan Scholarship, $2,000 for the first year and $2,000 for the second year, and the CCC supplemental scholarship, $2,000 for first year and $1,000 for second year

One culinary Corpsmember holds out a spoon as another pours liquid into it from a bottle.
A green-hatted Corpsmember stirs a pot on the stove as two blue-hatted Corpsmembers observe.
A Corspmember uses a knife to trim fat off of a beef roast.

Watch the Tahoe Culinary Crew in action!

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