Educational Opportunities

A large group of graduates in blue robes toss their caps into the air.

Thousands of young adults have earned their high school diploma through the California Conservation Corps’ partner charter high schools over the years.

Employers emphasize both education and experience when hiring entry-level employees. The California Conservation Corps wants to set its Corpsmembers up for success after they complete the program; to achieve this goal, the program offers an education program and scholarship opportunities in addition to hands-on work experience.

A female Corpsmember sits at a table doing homework while listening to her earphones.

Education Program

Most California Conservation Corps centers offer charter high school enrollment on-site, providing Corpsmembers with the opportunity to earn their high school diploma during their time in the CCC. Those who enter the CCC having completed high school pursue additional training and coursework.

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Corpsmembers can earn up to $8,000 in scholarships during their first year of service.

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Image of Corpsmember in cap and gown shaking hands with CCC Director Bruce Saito during graduation ceremony