Training and Career Pathways

A group of Corpsmembers circle around a CAL Fire instructor, as a disassembled chainsaw lies on the table in the middle of the group.

Corpsmembers are being trained by CAL FIRE in chainsaw safety and operation, one of the many trainings that Corpsmembers complete while in the CCC.

California Conservation Corpsmembers receive training and experience that sets them apart. Training is both formal (instructional) and informal (on-the-job). When it’s time to put the training into practice, the work they are assigned is meaningful and often leads to a career opportunity.

Corpsmembers routinely work closely with – and receive on-the-job training from – supervisors at agencies like CAL FIRE, U.S. Forest Service, Caltrans, State Parks, and the National Park Service. Additionally, supervisors at private companies oversee Corpsmembers working on electrical, construction, and specialized CCC projects.

The hands-on experience Corpsmembers receive lets them understand the “why” behind the task and it provides them a jump start on future careers or further education.

The skills they earn from working on CCC projects transfer directly to a range of career pathways, including firefighting, trails, energy, construction, corps leadership, and more.

photo Corpsmember with shovel

Corpsmember Orientation

All applicants must successfully complete a two week Corpsmember Orientation, Motivation, Education and Training – COMET.

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CCC Core Training

Core Training is the fundamental set of training, counseling and service that transforms California Conservation Corps Corpsmembers into young adults with character, credentials and commitment.

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photo tree planting

Specialized Training

The majority of the specialized training in the CCC is connected to the corpsmember work projects and emergency response activities.

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A Corpsmember sprays water over a field while holding a firehose. More Corpsmembers watch.
A male Corpsmember wearing a red hat smiles at the camera with his arms crossed.

Promotional Pathways

Former Corpsmembers routinely proclaim their time with the Cs was so transformative that they wish they could do another year or more of service. In fact, it often becomes such a part of their spirit that they extend their service for another year!

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