Director’s Message

Our Mission

To protect and enhance California’s natural resources and communities while empowering and developing young adults through hard work and education.

The California Conservation Corps is the oldest and largest conservation corps in the nation and is further establishing itself as the leader and innovator in the global conservation corps movement.

We are doing this through our commitment to hard work, expanding our infrastructure, growing our Corpsmember enrollment, and renewing our dedication to telling our story about the positive impact we make on the lives of thousands of young adults.

Additionally, the CCC is an icon of inclusiveness – embracing diversity around ethnicity, culture, gender and individuals with developmental challenges.

The work, education and vocational development of our Corpsmembers is priority number one and is what drives our program and organizational goals:

  • Expansion of our residential centers
  • Solidifying the infrastructure of our Energy Program hubs
  • Growing our Corpsmember population
  • Strengthening our presence in underserved communities

It’s an aggressive agenda that will call on strong yet nimble leadership throughout the organization.