Promotional Pathways

A male Corpsmember wearing a red hat smiles at the camera with his arms crossed.

When you see a Corpsmember wearing a red hat, there’s plenty of reason for them to be proud. “Red Hats” are crew leaders and have earned their position through hard work, dedication, and service in the CCC.

Corpsmembers who show leadership skills and a deep commitment to the CCC’s mission can apply to promote within the CCC and take on a formal leadership role, resulting in higher compensation and a one-year extension. There are two types of promotional opportunities:

Specialists focus on a chosen area of expertise, such as culinary arts, supply management, landscaping, automotive maintenance, or chain saw work. Specialists receive additional training in their identified area of expertise, and in turn, use their skills and knowledge to assist Corpsmembers.

Crew Leaders help mentor Corpsmembers to be successful in the CCC and assist the crew supervisor with project logistics. Upon promoting, Crew Leaders complete a mandatory 32-hour Leadership Training course. Six months of experience as a Crew Leader qualifies the individual to apply for the Conservationist I exam with the State of California.