Education Program

A female Corpsmember sits at a table doing homework while listening to her earphones.

Earn your high school diploma through our charter school partners. Class is held on-site at participating CCC centers.

Employers today are placing more emphasis on education when hiring entry-level workers. The CCC wants its Corpsmembers to enter the working world with the education they need to be successful, and the CCC’s educational program is designed with that in mind.

High School Program

Corpsmembers without high school diplomas are required to attend high school classes for a minimum of 10 hours a week. Depending on the center location, high school instruction will be led by either the John Muir Charter School or Urban Corps Charter School.

Each year dozens of Corpsmembers complete their high school diplomas with the CCC’s partner charter schools. Each June, the CCC celebrates these graduates with a statewide commencement. You can watch prior graduations and register to attend the 2022 graduation here. 

Corpsmembers who have already earned high school diplomas are required to advance their education while in the CCC through training and coursework for a minimum of three hours a week. Courses include CCC Core Training, pre-approved classes at California Community Colleges, and more.

Community College Partnerships

The CCC partners with community colleges to provide technical training and career development courses. These colleges offer tours of their academic and career technical education programs, and conduct workshops on financial aid to Corpsmembers at a number of CCC locations. The CCC is expanding partnerships with local community colleges to:

  • Provide credit and non-credit classes related to CCC programs and projects.
  • Increase the awareness of community college opportunities available to Corpsmembers after their CCC term.