Furthering Your Education

corpsmembers in graduation gowns tossing caps into the air

On Thursday, June 8, the CCC class of 2023 celebrated the achievement of earning high school diplomas at the Masonic Temple in Sacramento, CA.

The CCC is dedicated to the enhancement of Corpsmember educational development and training in the Corps, and to providing access to post-Corps education and training that prepares Corpsmembers to become productive members of the California workforce and society in general.

The CCC Brad Duncan Scholarship

While in the program, Corpsmembers have the opportunity to earn multiple versions of the Brad Duncan Scholarship with a max of $7,000 total available to earn.

  • 1st Year Brad Duncan Scholarship = $2,000
  • 1st Year Supplemental Brad Duncan Scholarship = $2,000
  • 2nd Year Brad Duncan Scholarship = $2,000
  • 2nd Year Supplemental Brad Duncan Scholarship = $1,000

The funds MUST be sent directly to the school/program. Per the school/program’s internal policy, portions of the funds may be released to the student to cover course specific supplies, transportation, etc.

Once Corpsmembers have earned each scholarship they receive an email with instructions for utilizing the scholarship. The scholarship will expire 2 years after leaving the CCC.

Additional Benefits

  • Per California Government Code 18951.5(a), a Corpsmember who earns a one-year completion certificate from the CCC is eligible to receive three career credits added to their score for California civil service employment exams held on an open, non-promotional basis.
  • Eligibility for career credits pursuant to this section shall expire 24 months after graduation from the California Conservation Corps. Those who earn a CCC scholarship will have eligibility for career credits for up to five years after graduation.

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AmeriCorps Education Award

Through a partnership with AmeriCorps, the CCC offers Corpsmembers the opportunity to enroll in several service programs, including The Corps Network’s Education Award Program, the Backcountry Trails Program, and the Watershed Stewards Program.

Corpsmembers who participate in CCC-AmeriCorps programs may be eligible to receive the AmeriCorps Segal Education Award upon completion of their service. Depending on the length of their service term, Corpsmembers can earn more than $6,000 per year. The award is valid for seven years. Corpsmembers can use their award for a variety of traditional and nontraditional training, as well as study abroad programs; refer to the link above for more details.

To serve in an AmeriCorps program, Corpsmembers must be either United States citizens or lawful permanent residents.

Corpsmembers who have completed the requirements can access their award on the AmeriCorps scholarship portal. Any questions on accessing the award may be directed to the National Service Hotline at 1-800-942-2677 or via the AmeriCorps webpage.