Global Corps

Corpsmembers hike up a slope in Patagonia with snow covered mountains in the background.

Corpsmembers hike up a slope in Torres Del Paine National Park during a month-long exchange program in Patagonia.

The CCC’s Global Corps program facilitates lifechanging opportunities for Corpsmembers to explore the world while continuing their journey in the corps.

Over the years, representatives from more than 48 countries, attracted to the CCC concept, have connected with the CCC to address youth development and environmental protection. From these contacts, several international exchanges developed.

The CCC’s first international exchange began with the Canadian Katimavik program in 1983 and has since been followed by exchanges with Great Britain, Australia, Japan, the former Soviet Union, and Mexico.

In 2016, the CCC helped the U.S. Forest Service establish a conservation corps, Jóvenes para la Conservación (JPC), in Honduras. In 2023, CCC Corpsmembers travelled to Honduras to participate in an exchange and build trails alongside JPC participants.

In 2023, the CCC hosted a team from Ecogenia, a nonprofit that introduced the corps service model in Greece. In 2024, the CCC will send a crew to Greece to build trails on Mt. Olympus and support Ecogenia’s disaster recovery and response work.

The CCC also supports the Blue Water Youth Exchange, hosting visits from the exchange in California. CCC Corpsmembers have also regularly been chosen to participate in the exchange.

2024 Global Corps projects include:

  • Patagonia in partnership with Conservation VIP (February 2024)
  • Greece in partnership with Ecogenia (May – June 2024)

While participating in an exchange, Corpsmembers earn their regular stipend, and time spent abroad continues to count toward their program service.

The Global Corps program is only available to current CCC Corpsmembers. Interested Corpsmembers should contact their district staff to enquire about upcoming international opportunities. The CCC also welcomes outreach from potential international partners.