Other Emergency Response Efforts

Tahoe Center Corpsmembers remove record amount of snowfall from the rooftop of a school in Mammoth Lakes, CA in February 2019.

Whether it’s a natural or man-made emergency, Corpsmembers are ready to respond.

In late 2017, CCC made its largest hurricane support effort by sending crews to Texas, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas to perform hurricane clean up. Crews removed thousands of cubic yards of flood-damaged wallboards, flooring and debris, and chopped up and removed hundreds of fallen trees. Corpsmembers also distributed food door-to-door to 685 families in Puerto Rico.

Other CCC assistance has included:

  • Hazard tree removal, debris removal and other cleanup and recovery work in Panama City, Florida and surrounding communities following Hurricane Michael in 2018
  • Flood cleanup efforts in Shenandoah, Hamburg and Pacific Junction, Iowa in 2019
  • Numerous search-and-rescue efforts for missing persons
  • Snow removal from roofs of public buildings
  • Flood cleanup efforts in the city of Baton Rouge in October 2016
  • Logistical support to local food banks and food distribution efforts in numerous communities in the Central Valley in 2009 after freezing winter temperatures followed by severe drought conditions impacted agriculture and those who work in the fields
  • Cleanup and recovery work in Louisiana in 2005 after the state was impacted by Hurricane Katrina then Hurricane Rita weeks later
  • Recovery work following the 1992 Los Angeles riots