Public Service Conservation Work

A Corpsemember on the left shovels dirt around the rock wall as two Corpsmembers on the right kneel and position the large stones making up the wall itself.

Los Angeles Center Corpsmembers build a rock wall at the entrance of Peck Road Park, a part of the Emerald Necklace Project, in Arcadia, CA.

Our public service conversation work is diverse in scope and location.

State and local agencies, along with nonprofit organizations, engage the California Conservation Corps to implement projects that have significant public benefit and use.

Examples are:

  • Bridge construction
  • Dog park construction
  • Basketball park construction
  • Park and median landscaping
  • Minor building construction and finish-work
  • Trail building
  • Non-native plant species removal

These projects are identified and implemented by individual centers and usually are a result of community relationships cultivated by the center. Training is often unique to the project work.