WSP Alumni

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WSP Members often are hired by past and present partners

WSP’s powerful partnerships launch careers and provide WSP Members with valuable experience and training in watershed restoration that other entry-level positions rarely offer.

WSP alumni are often hired by past and present partners shortly after their terms of service end. Approximately 90 percent of Placement Sites currently employ WSP alumni.

Visit WSP’s Alumni Map outlining where our alumni are today!

Please take this two minute questionnaire and your information will be added to the Alumni Map. You can also request a WSP Alumni Pin from anytime!

Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t received my W-2, who do I contact?
Contact – please note that your W-2 will be sent to the address you indicated on your exit paperwork in August.

How do I use my Segal Education Award or initiate loan forbearance?
Please visit the MyAmeriCorps website and/or the CNCS website for all information about your education award. These funds do not come from WSP, so staff will not be able to provide you with specific information. Here is a step-by-step PowerPoint for your reference.
For information on Loan Forbearance check with your funding institution and see the MyAmeriCorps website.

Am I eligible for a fee waiver for taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)?
No, this benefit is only available to VISTA volunteers.

Will there ever be a WSP reunion?
Yes, we celebrated our 25th program year on September 7, 2019, in Fortuna, California.

Does WSP provide job listing to alumni?
Yes, WSP posts many job openings directly to their Alumni Facebook group. Please request to join to gain access.

How do I submit a job opportunity to WSP to recruit WSP alumni?
Send the job announcement to anytime.

What other resources are available to WSP alumni?
• Please visit the AmeriCorps Alumni website to learn all about the benefits of being an AmeriCorps alum.
• Please visit the Advantage Career Resource Guide to download or print job hunting tips.

How can I help WSP Members today?
As you may remember, incoming WSP Members come from all across the country and live on a very conservative budget. If you would like to donate items to WSP, we will accept the following:

  • Slightly used sleeping bags, tents, rain boots, waders, other field gear.
  • If you have room to host a WSP Member in your home, please contact to help arrange potential placement.
  • Attend WSP volunteer events, see our Facebook page for upcoming events.
  • Volunteer to provide content to WSP trainings (alumni panel, field tours, etc.).

Can I keep or wear outdated WSP uniform items?
Only if there is no CCC or AmeriCorps logos. WSP does not provide uniform gear to alumni.

How many terms of service can I serve with WSP?
Two full-time terms.

Will WSP share their WOW! curriculum with alumni or other institutions?
No, due to copyright issues sharing WSP’s education resources is not permissible.

Does my service with WSP qualify for a Loan Forgiveness Program?
Maybe, WSP can certify your service but it does not administer this benefit.