CCC's Who Does That Instagram Challenge

Who does that!?!? The CCC does and we want to see what you do with our new Instagram challenge.

Tiffany Haddish and the California Conservation Corps want to know if you’re ready to get some good things going across California!

Are you ready for the #WhoDoesThatChallenge?

Show California what you’re doing that just makes things better.

Volunteer? Plant a tree? Clear away brush around your house that could fuel a fire? Grow your own food and share? Reusable instead of plastic? Clean up your yard, street, park, trail beach? Switch to LED lights? Conserve water?

Who does that? We do!

Make a video of what you do and post it to #WhoDoesThatChallenge and tag @CaliforniaConservationCorps on Instagram.

Inspire your community to make California an even better place for all! Are you ready?!