Placer Crews Work Through the Night to Protect Homes

firefighter with head light illuminated by flames uses chainsaw

A Placer Center wildland firefighting Corpsmember uses a chain saw to cut brush on the Caldor Fire at nigh, as flames rapidly approach.

They’re back at home getting some well-deserved rest and relaxation—for now.

CCC Placer Center fire crews know they could be back on 24-hour shifts tackling the state’s most difficult fires at a moment’s notice. It’s what they do.

Recently, on the Caldor Fire, the Placer fire crews gave us a look inside the work they do—cutting line around cabins threatened by flames and how they work through the pitch-black of night.

Head lamps and the flickering tendrils of fire guide them as they exhaust themselves in the name of protecting homes, hiking trails, and wildlife.

Learn more about the CCC wildland firefighting program at this link.