Organizing Mountains of Fire Hose at Caldor Fire Base Camp

Los Angeles Corpsmember Facundo Reader, left, uses a hose rolling machine along with other Corpsmembers at the Caldor Fire base camp in Placerville, CA.

Miles upon miles of hose. It’s what’s needed to fight and contain California’s wildfires.

Our Corpsmembers are helping our state and federal partners corral these bundles, upon bundles, of hoses. Piles tall enough to tower above even the tallest of Corpsmembers.

Our CCC Los Angeles Corpsmembers recently returned from the Caldor Fire base camp in Placerville, where they had the art of unloading, untangling, rolling, and stacking hoses down.

They’re proud of the literal mountain of work they accomplished, as they—and all our base camp crews—should be.