Crews Lend Support at Dozens of Fire Base Camps

Sacramento Energy Corpsmember Marcelina Armas records fire request numbers and takes lunch and water orders from firefighters and support personnel at the North Complex West Zone base camp in Chico, CA.

Sixteen-hour days for 14 to 21 straight days.

It’s the current life of a CCC Corpsmember and one they know serves a bigger purpose—the communities we serve.

With wildfires ravaging parts of the state these last few months, our Corpsmembers have been working far from the fire line, often out of sight of the public.

But, the work they do to keep base camps running smoothly—distributing supplies, food, water, and keeping camps clean—is instrumental.

Since July 1, CCC crews have been deployed on more than 280 base camp assignments on more than 45 separate fire incidents.