Solano Corpsmembers Protect Their Water, Communities

Corpsmembes wearing yellow safety jackets and blue helmets use shovels to fill sand bags.

Solano Center Corpsmembers fill sand bags for use in erosion control measures around Lake Berryessa in Napa County.

This is their drinking water and they’re doing their part to protect it.

CCC Solano Center Corpsmembers know how to dig trenches and secure straw wattle to keep potentially toxic wildfire debris and ash from entering local watersheds.

It’s an assignment they’ve taken on before, but this time the work was in their own backyard.

Filling sandbags, building muscle wall, and laying hundreds of feet of wattle all in the name of protecting Lake Berryessa—the source of water where these Corpsmembers live, work, and play.

It means something to them to make a difference in the wake of this summer’s wildfire disasters.