Finding Success, Diplomas in the CCC

woman sitting at desk with mask on reading from book

Norwalk Energy Center Corpsmember Tricia Andrews reviews a textbook during electric vehicle charging station installation training.

As 2021 comes to a close, there have been many ups and downs throughout the year. Stories of success and personal achievement are certainly to be celebrated.

CCC Corpsmembers are among the many young adults who can hold their heads up high for all the hard work they’ve done, and how they’ve transformed their own lives with some guidance from our program.

Here are two stories of success from young adults who took it upon themselves to find a way to finish high school and grow as young adults.

Corpsmember Story: Tricia Andrews

School semesters are ending and for many that means receiving diplomas. Corpsmember Tricia Andrews now knows what that feels like. She’s been going to school in the world of green technology at the CCC Norwalk Energy Center and actual school with our partner charter high school. She’s happy—and we’re incredibly happy for her achievement—to say she’s now a high school graduate.

Corpsmember Story: Levi McKenzie

We all fall down in life. Picking yourself back up? The California Conservation Corps can help you do that, just like CCC Los Padres Corpsmember Levi McKenzie is doing for himself. In a week of giving thanks, we’re thankful Corpsmembers like Levi have found success, the ability to finish their diplomas, and are helping make California an even better place for all in the CCC.