CCC Culinary - A Recipe For Success

CCC Delta Corpsmember Rashad Wilson in the kitchen

CCC Delta Corpsmember Rashad Wilson cooking a veggie side entree for dinner.

“I see myself becoming a well-known chef one day,” said CCC Delta Corpsmember Rashad Wilson. “I got my ServSafe Managers certificate and that was a big step up for me. It was a hard test, but I prevailed.”

With dreams of being future chefs and restauranteurs, Corpsmembers in CCC’s Culinary Program are spicing up their resumes by improving their knife skills, meal planning abilities, food science knowledge, and more!

CCC Culinary crews provide daily meals to fellow Corpsmembers living at one of the CCC’s 10 residential centers across the state. During emergencies, they may also cook for firefighters and other first responders. As a result, Culinary crews learn how to prepare and adapt as new situations arise.

In addition to earning scholarships and a monthly $2,814 stipend, Culinary Corpsmembers obtain industry-recognized certificates to propel them into the next phase of their careers, including ServSave certification.

Real-world experience combined with paid training opportunities is CCC’s recipe for success. If you are looking to transform, or add more zest to your life, visit today.