Powering Up California's Zero-Emissions Future

Cerritos College Instructor educating Norwalk Corpsmembers

Norwalk Energy Corpsmembers discuss next steps of EV charger installation with an instructor at Cerritos College at the Norwalk Energy Center.

There’s about to be a job boom to help California meet its zero-emission vehicle goal and CCC Norwalk Energy Corpsmembers are getting in on the ground floor.

With a $1 million partnership with the California Energy Commission, Corpsmembers are learning—hands-on—how to install electrical vehicle charging stations, both on buildings and free standing.

It sounds a bit intimidating, but Corpsmembers say it’s pretty simple with their electrical knowledge and they can already see future opportunities.

The training will also be available to CCC Vista Center Corpsmembers in the coming months, with future expansion planned as well.