Former Foster Youth Finding Their Way With the CCC

Former foster youth are finding a place and a path forward with the California Conservation Corps.

Corpsmembers come from all backgrounds. All walks of life. For some the journey has been more than a challenge. It’s just plain been hard.

Yet in the CCC, they can all learn, earn, and grow. For those who are emerging from foster care, the CCC is providing them with new opportunities and in a fertile environment.

A place to rest their head. A chance to achieve. At last, a family where they can belong. Just a year in the CCC is allowing these amazing young adults to transform their lives.


Determination. Opportunities to thrive. Sasha is a former foster youth who is finding her own path, her own success in the California Conservation Corps.

From day-to-day field work to the extreme of working in the backcountry, Sasha credits the CCC with igniting her passion for outdoor work and helping her grow.


Finding a place that cares about you and let’s you grow can mean the world to a young adult.

Sam is a former foster youth whose childhood was nowhere near idyllic.

Sam found the California Conservation Corps and it’s done wonders for his self-confidence and job skills.

Most importantly, he says the CCC is helping him be the person he wants to be.


Jennifer knows her time in foster care may be different from others.

She’s found talking about it as a way to move forward, a way to grow for herself and her friends.

Jennifer joined the California Conservation Corps to finish her high school diploma.

She’s getting that done and at the same time getting the hands-on experience to lead her on a path to a career and the life she has dreamed of living.


Having a place to sleep, eat, and not worry is something many of us might take for granted.

For Derek, it was a concern only alleviated when he joined the California Conservation Corps.

More importantly, he’s found ways to grow, improve and move forward from his foster youth past.

He’s taking his time in the CCC and hoping to grow to new heights personally and professionally.


Brianna is improving the environment and herself.

As a former foster youth, she’s now trusting, socializing, and bettering herself.

Joining a fire crew in the California Conservation Corps, she’s taking on new challenges and finding a family.

It’s hard work, growing and overcoming, but Brianna sees the CCC as a way to do that and be the best person she can be