Aiding the Firefight; Corpsmembers Keep Firefighters Supplied at Sites Fire Base Camp

Corpsmembers rolling up fire hose

CCC Corpsmembers unpack fire hose at the Site Fire base camp, in Colusa County. This is one of many tasks crews undertake to help firefighters working on the fire line.

Staffing a fire base camp may not grab headlines or get a Hollywood film, but it’s just as valuable and important during fire season. As the peak season hits, the young adults of the California Conservation Corps are putting in long hours and days assisting our partners with CAL FIRE. We’re helping keep the pop-up cities known as base camps functioning. At the Sites Fire in Colusa County, CCC Chico and Redding Corpsmembers are working 16-hour days providing supplies like lunches, ice, and replacement fire equipment. It’s an opportunity not just to serve and help our communities, but for our Corpsmembers to connect, network, and find a pathway to even bigger opportunities in the fire service or other lines of work. Keep fire crews ready to roll will help keep all Californians safer from wildfire.