Corpsmembers Help Build a Brand New State Park

A Corpsmember uses a shovel to creates a gentle running slope alongside a pathway.

A Corpsmember creates a gentle running slope alongside a pathway to prevent park visitors from rolling their ankles.

Dos Rios is California’s newest State Park, and it’s set to open on June 12! CCC Corpsmembers worked alongside California State Parks to get the recreation area in Modesto ready for visitors.   

“I never thought I’d be part of building a state park,” said Corpsmember Carlos Montalvo. “You take more appreciation of it when you know what it takes.”  

Crews from the CCC Delta and Inland Empire Centers removed overgrown brush, constructed fencing, installed rip rap, and created ADA-compliant walking paths.  

 “It’s very meticulous. You really got to check your percentages with the smart level,” said Corpsmember Alexzander Barrett. “We have to make sure that people can navigate the path easily on wheelchairs.” 

At the park, visitors will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the San Joaquin and Tuolumne Rivers and see birds migrating through the central valley.   

“I feel like this would be the spot for bird watchers,” said Carlos. “I see owls and hawks. It’s really nice.”  

Now that much of the work is done, all look forward to relaxing in the park once it’s open!