Every Day is Earth Day in CCC

female on knees in desert planting tree

A San Diego Corpsmember carefully plants a sapling near Brawley in Imperial County.

In the CCC, Corpsmembers support the planet not just on Arbor Day or Earth Day, but year-round. Through a variety of projects and initiatives, crews enhance biodiversity to help native flora and fauna thrive!

For example, Corpsmembers are currently adding a shade of green in remote Imperial County, planting thousands of native saplings into desert soil.

“It’s a lot of trees,” said Corpsmember Kailee Layaoen. “We’ve planted just under 300 plants before lunch.”

Drought tolerant mesquite trees and creosote bushes will help the local habitat grow more resilient to climate change and support local wildlife.

“We’re trying to bring new life into something,” said Corpsmember Kirra Snyder. “You get to be on your knees, hands touching the dirt, connecting with the plants. It’s pretty grounding.”

Through working outdoors, young adults in the CCC not only transform our planet but also their lives. Corpsmembers receive a monthly stipend of $2,814 plus scholarships, hands-on training, and career navigation support.

Explore how you can make an impact and launch a meaningful career and join us in creating a brighter, more sustainable future!