Crews Respond to Fires Ravaging Northern California

Butte Fire Center Corpsmembers Matthew Carter, left, and David Garrett, right, lead their crew on a hike along fire roads as they work to protect ranch homes near Tracy in San Joaquin County.

Wildfires ravaging communities across California hit northern California especially hard.

California Conservation Corps crews are responding with all we have.

Nearly 200 Corpsmembers trained in wildland firefighting are digging lines and back burning – fighting fire with fire.

It’s just plain hot, gritty, and dangerous work. Fire crews put in 12 to 24 hour shifts working to protect property and infrastructure.

CCC Butte Fire Center crews 3 and 4 saved homes from flames burning in the the SCU Lightning Complex fire near Pleasanton.

Meanwhile, Stockton 1 crew from CCC’s Delta Center put in hard work over night this week cutting fire line and clearing debris on the Salt Fire burning in Calaveras County.

But it doesn’t stop there. More the 500 Corpsmembers are working the base camps – keeping thousands of firefighters from agencies all over the state equipped with supplies, food, and a clean place to just rest.

Since Sunday August, 16, the CCC has responded to 19 fire incidents across the state and continue to dispatch crews to base camps and wildfires.