Wildland Firefighting - Type I

The primary function of wildland hand crews is cutting fire line with hand tools and chainsaws. Butte Fire Center Corpsmembers practice line cutting multiple times a day during training to prepare them for the rigors of the fire line.

The CCC Wildland Firefighter Program offers Corpsmembers the opportunity to get paid while they train, earn certificates, and get hands-on experience on local and major wildland fires.

The CCC partners with CAL FIRE  to train Corpsmembers in Type I Wildland Firefighting at the following CCC centers:

Type I wildland firefighters work on “hand-crews” cutting fire line, laying hose, and mopping up wildland fires.

What does it take to become a CCC Type I Wildland Firefighter?

Physical Fitness Test:
• 25 push-ups in 2 minutes
• 25 sit-ups in 1 minute or hold plank for 1 minute
• 2-mile run in 18 minutes or less
• 5 pull-ups in 1 minute or hold onto bar for 1 minute
• Complete a timed uphill hike wearing full fire-protective gear (boots, hardhat, gloves, and fire-protective clothing over uniform) and carrying a 40-pound backpack and a chain saw, shovel, or other hand tool (distance and elevation of hike varies by center)

Written Test: After completing the classroom portion of the CAL FIRE/CCC fire training, all applicants are required to pass a firefighter written exam. Corpsmembers who do not pass can transfer to another residential CCC center or will be transferred to a non-fire crew.

Physical Exam: Corpsmembers must have a CCC pre-employment physical exam once they arrive on center. The Corpsmembers must be cleared by the CCC’s physician to perform the duties of a wildland firefighter, including working long hours over multiple days in heat, dust, and smoke.

Course Description: The CAL FIRE Fire Crew Firefighter Training course provides physically fit CCC Corpsmembers with the basic skills in wildland fire suppression.

  • There will be 20 quizzes. The cumulative score must be 80% or higher. No retakes are allowed.
  • There will be a comprehensive 50 question final exam that Corpsmembers must pass with an 80% or higher. No retakes are allowed.
  • Corpsmembers will write on paper or recite the “10 Standard Firefighter Orders” and pass with an 80% or higher. Two retakes are allowed.
  • Corpsmembers will write on paper or recite the “18 Watch-out Situations” and pass with an 80% or higher. Two retakes are allowed.
  • Corpsmembers must recite the shelter deployment statement, clear an area 4-feet by 8-feet down to the soil, and get into the fire shelter in 30 seconds or less in full wildland Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

So, are you ready for the challenge?

The first step to jumpstarting your wildland firefighting career is completing your online application.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally, download the documents below to get yourself ready for the opportunity of a lifetime.

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