Fire Response

CCC Corpmembers cut fire lines to stop flames from jumping to new ground.

Key agencies depend on the CCC to assist during each fire season. The CCC dispatches Type II (initial attack) and Camp Support crews to major fires across the state.

In 2018, the CCC set a department record for calling out the most fire crew resources in the CCC’s history – responding to fires for 209 consecutive days.

The CCC’s Type II fire crews are disciplined and trained for initial attack or mop-up assignments according to the federal fire crew qualification guidelines. In addition to Type II fire crews, the CCC partners with CAL FIRE to provide Type I firefighting crews. A major part of CCC’s fire response commitment has been its support at incident base camps where Corpsmembers help with organization, sanitation, and supply distribution to hundreds, and at times thousands, of firefighters on major fires. Each year, Corpsmembers participate in the required Camp Support Training making them ready for dispatch at a moment’s notice.

The CCC is one of California’s premier emergency response agencies. Our Corpsmembers are the backbone of our success and dedication. The young men and women who provide the hard work, receive low pay, and work in miserable conditions set the CCC apart from others. Despite working the long hours on fires, most Corpsmembers find this experience to be the most rewarding in the CCC.