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CCC Energy Corps Proposition 39 Program Update

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Update for prospective LEA applicants for CCC Energy Corps energy surveys:

Due to overwhelming demand for CCC Energy Corps survey crews since early this year, effective Friday, July 25, the CCC will temporarily stop accepting new applications from LEAs. The number of applications already accepted will keep our Energy Corps crews busy for quite some time.
If you would like to be notified when the application process is reopened, please email us at and provide the name of your LEA, the name and title of your contact person, along with email address and phone number. We'll then let you know as soon as CCC Energy Opportunity Surveys are again offered to new applicants.

Update for LEAs that are awaiting energy survey reports:

Since January 2014, CCC corpsmembers have surveyed hundreds of school sites, consisting of thousands of school buildings, and collected the data for analysis necessary to create Proposition 39 compliant Energy Opportunity Survey Reports. The first completed Energy Opportunity Survey Reports were provided to school districts in April 2014 but there remains a substantial backlog of reports to be generated. The CCC is working with the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center and other organizations to expedite the production of energy survey reports.
To check on the status of your Energy Opportunity Survey, simply click on the "Survey Status Lookup."  You may also contact the CCC by calling (530) 645-9974. There are a number of steps that must be completed to generate an energy survey report after the energy crew has collected data at a school site. CCC Energy Corps staff can explain where your report is in the workflow.
Given the current backlog for no-cost Energy Opportunity Survey reports, LEAs might consider making arrangements with a third-party energy-efficiency firm to analyze the data collected by the CCC and generate a completed survey report within a shorter period of time. For LEAs choosing this option, the CCC will make available the complete data set.
Sample Energy Opportunity Survey Reports produced using data collected by CCC Energy Corps crews can be found here:
 Reports produced by third parties using data collected by CCC Energy Corps:
It should be noted that aside from providing data to authorized representatives of an LEA, the CCC is not party to any arrangement made between an LEA and an energy company, nor does the CCC endorse any particular firm. The CCC thanks the school districts that have requested CCC Energy Corps services for their patience as all the steps in the implementation of the new Prop. 39 program are made fully operational, including the survey, analysis and report generation.
CCC Energy Corps Prop. 39 Program Background
In mid-2013, the CCC launched the ‘Energy Corps,’ a major energy program effort funded through the "Clean Energy Job Creation Fund" -- Proposition 39 -- passed in November 2012. Proposition 39 has provided funding to the CCC to assist California schools with energy surveys and energy-efficiency projects.
The CCC's Prop. 39 funded crews work statewide with priority given to smaller Local Education Agencies and those LEAs with high percentages of students qualifying for free and reduced-priced meals. Crews of corpsmembers -- young men and women between the ages of 18 and 25 -- work under the direction of a CCC staff supervisor. Military veterans are also part of the crews.
The CCC provides the following services to schools:
1)   Energy Opportunity Surveys that meet industry standards
Trained corpsmembers visit schools to collect information necessary to help identify energy-efficiency projects. Corpsmembers do "whole building" ASHRAE compliant surveys that include lighting and control systems, internal plug loads, HVAC, and the condition of the building envelope.  The data collection process has been developed by energy experts to meet industry standards and the Proposition 39 guidelines defined by the California Energy Commission. The data from the surveys is analyzed by the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center or other energy efficiency firms to put together recommendations for energy-efficient projects at each school site.
2)   Simple Retrofits 
The CCC can assist schools and other agencies in directly installing basic energy-efficiency measures, such as lighting replacement, lighting occupancy detectors, and "smart" power strips. The CCC anticipates this service will be available to LEAs in the coming year. Applications will be available on this website and/or by contacting the CCC’s Energy Corps at
3)   Educational Presentations

While CCC members are on a school site conducting energy surveys and/or simple retrofits, corpsmembers can also make energy-efficiency presentations to students and teachers with the goal of engaging the student body and faculty in saving energy.  CCC staff arrange for these presentations as part of the application process for energy surveys or retrofits.

Other CCC Energy Corps Work 
Along with the work funded by Proposition 39, CCC crews have assisted the Department of General Services with lighting retrofit work at state facilities throughout California.  In addition, a CCC crew composed of military veterans provided similar work to Caltrans and the Department of Motor Vehicles at locations statewide.
Since its earliest days, the CCC has been involved in energy conservation. With this emphasis re-established as the CCC Energy Corps, the CCC fulfills its dual mission - - assisting others to save energy and money and providing corpsmembers with technical instruction that can lead to apprenticeships, advanced training and future employment opportunities. The CCC will work with various training partners including community colleges.
School districts, public agencies and energy-efficiency firms are encouraged to contact the CCC to explore possible partnerships.  
Please email us at

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