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The Los Padres Center was built by corpsmembers in the 1980s and is one of the largest in the CCC.  Located on the Camp San Luis Obispo National Guard Base, it is just a mile or so away from the original site of the CCC’s first residential center, built in 1977.


The current center has a total of 18 buildings, including men’s and women’s dorms, a dining hall, classrooms, administrative offices, recreational facilities and more. There is a computer lab with Internet access so corpsmembers can e-mail friends and family.



Men are housed by crew with 2-3 corpsmembers in each room. Women live in one of the two female dorms.  There are also a dormitory for the COMET members during initial training.  Each dorm has a small flat-screen TV with built-in DVD player. 

The men’s dorms have open-bay showers; the women’s dorms have either curtain partitions or private showers.  Each dorm has a “dorm captain,”  a second-year specialist corpsmember who assigns chores to assure the cleanliness of the dorm.

There is a recreation room for corpsmembers with a professional pool table, big-screen TV and a piano.  There is also a new “surround-sound” movie theater the Corpsmember Advisory Board built a few years ago.  The center director occasionally hosts a movie-and-popcorn night and shows some of his favorite movies.


Popular with male corpsmembers particularly is the corpsmember weight room that includes free weights and exercise machines.


There is a central laundry room; bring plenty of quarters and your own laundry soap.  The Corpsmember Advisory Board receives a portion of the money from the machines.


The Los Padres Center, on the grounds of the Camp San Luis Obispo National Guard Base,  is about six miles from the City of San Luis Obispo and about a 15-minute drive to the Pacific Ocean.  All staff and corpsmembers are subject to National Guard rules and regulations.  These rules are explained to all corpsmembers during their initial training.


Satellite Operations

The CCC’s Santa Maria Satellite is part of the Los Padres Center.

Los Padres (SLO) Center