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General Information About the CCC

The California Conservation Corps is a state agency hiring young men and women, 18 to 25, for a year of natural resource work and emergency response. Simply stated, the CCC puts youth and the environment together to benefit both.

The young women and men of the Corps work hard protecting and restoring California’s environment, responding to disasters, becoming stronger workers, citizens and individuals through their service.

The California Conservation Corps was created by Governor Jerry Brown in July 1976. Governor George Deukmejian signed legislation making the CCC a permanent state agency in 1983. Click here for more CCC history.

Governor Brown modeled the program in part after the federal Civilian Conservation Corps established by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. The original CCC, in operation from 1933 to 1942, put men to work during the Depression. Here in California, the "CCC boys" built most of California's state parks.  Click here for more on the original CCC.

The late B.T. Collins served as CCC director from 1979-1981, following Boyd Hornor and LeRoy Chatfield. The irrepressible Collins helped put the Corps on the map and boasted of the CCC’s “hard work, low pay, miserable conditions."

The current director of the CCC is Bruce Saito. Saito was appointed by Governor Brown in September 2015. Click here for more about Bruce Saito.

It responds to fires, floods, earthquakes, oil spills, pest infestations and more. It adds up to more than nine million hours of assistance since the Corps was established in 1976.  Work sponsors understand that when an emergency situation occurs, CCC crews may be called on to respond within hours.  Click here for more on the Corps’ emergency response efforts.

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